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We metioned about "Midnight Wire", a young English indie band from Leicester consisting of Alex Van Roose, Chris Merriman, Arjun Johal and Nik Green, at these pages before, on the blog..We had an interview with the main vocals of the band, Alex Van Roose, on the net and he answered our questions cordially...(röportajı Türkçe okumak için buraya tıklayın)

We might thank again for replies and leave you with the interview right now:

1. You are a young band..Can you briefly tell us the story of coming together and setting up a band? 

Me (Alex) and Chris actually knew each other from previous bands and I contacted Chris and practiced a few songs of mine and continued from there really. I knew Arj from school since I was about 5 years old so we got him on bass and our current drummer actually auditioned for my old band as a drummer so I knew him from that and from that it's all fallen into place. We all really get on well and have a great time doing what we are doing.

2. Your debut single "Oh Lola" is really an energetic one..And seems like a great messenger of an upcoming album..What kind of reactions did you receive for the song? 

We had very positive reactions from the single, very mixed, but all very positive. I think a lot of people weren't expecting our first single to be quite so heavy - we love our punk music and try and get as much of that in what we do, but its the first really heavy record we've put out. We really enjoyed making it and spent a lot of time getting it right so it was nice to do something different. And 'Oh Lola' is going to be on the second album at the moment by the looks of things. Our first album is going to be very different from 'Oh Lola' and we are really excited to get it finished and released.

3. What will be the date we will able to listen your debut album? And what will be its name?

The date unfortunately still hasn't been confirmed, it will be next year at some point and we will know (more than likely) by the end of the year when the release date will be. The name has been changing quite a lot, but we have all decided on 'Escape From Bleak Street'. 'Bleak Street' was a song that my old band had written and was a really dark and moody song, but I always wanted to write and perform happy songs and songs that would be something to enjoy and I think that represents Midnight Wire better than anything.

4. Can you tell lyric writing and recording process?

A lot of what we do, I will write a song on an acoustic guitar or record a track and I'll show it to the rest of the band, ask what they think of it, and we'll review it and get it sounding as good as possible. 'Oh Lola' was different and we created it together in the studio. So its different for each song really. We are writing a lot and its great to have so many songs that we can pick and choose the album from.

5. Is there any live performances near?

We've got quite a few festivals coming up, playing at Summer Sundae in Leicester (the big local fesitval to us) and Strawberry Fields Festival which will be great. Should be going back on tour before the end of the year around the UK as well and have a new single launch in our hometown on the 31st August which we are really excited about. Should be hitting Europe in the Spring next year plugging the album.

6. Who are you listening to in these days? 

As many things as I possibly can :)! Haha. At the moment I'm really into the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed. And put on Noah and the Whale's album 'The First Days of Spring' the other day and haven't stopped listening to it. Honestly not too sure what the others are listening to! It changes every week.

7. What was the thing, you were surprised to hear, in recent days?

That Andy Murray has reached the Final of Wimbledon in Tennis!!! Fingers crossed he wins for us Brits!

8. Do you know anything about Turkey or Turkish music? Have you ever been here?

I sadly don't know much about Turkish music.I've listened to a few Mavi Sakal tracks. 'Iki Yol' is great. Just wish I could speak the language! I have actually been to Turkey a few times. Absolutely love going to Dalyan on my holidays. Such a beautiful place! And the pancakes you have over there are incredible. My parents have also been to Istanbul and think it's one of the best places they have ever been to.

9. And lastly, Is there anything you want to add? or to tell to your Turkish listeners?

If you haven't listened to us before, please do! And look out for our next few singles and the album release next year! And hopefully we will be over in Turkey soon performing. Thanks so much for the support over in Turkey, keep in touch.

Also... One of my favourite football players 'Muzzy Izzet' who used to play for my hometown team Leicester City actually played for Turkey in the 2002 World Cup Semi Final against Brazil!