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Thorben Seierø Jensen, from the Danish electro pop band "Alcoholic Faith Mission" -that we mentioned before on this page-; answered my questions for Listen Before You Love.. (röportajı Türkçe okumak için buraya tıkla!)

We thank to him one more time, for the sincere replies...If you want to know much more about them, please visit their official web site:

Can you briefly tell us the story of coming together and setting up a band?

Sune and I (Thorben) started the band as a duo back in 2005 and in 2006 we released the first album, Misery Loves Company. After that we decided to add more people to the line up and aside from us the line up is now Kristine, Gustav, Morten and Anders

In which countries did you take stages so far? And which one was the most impressive?
We’ve played pretty much every country in Europe (still waiting to get to Turkey though J), most of the States and Canada. So far especially Germany has been really great for us – the people at the venues are so forthcoming and sweet, the audience are really attentive and many of our shows are if not sold out, pretty damn close.

Is there a song that you particularly enjoy playing live? 

From our 2nd album 421 Wythe Avenue, we always play Nut in Your Eye. It has a certain energy that just translates very well to the audience and it’s always an absolute pleasure to play.

Who are you listening to in these days? 

- Would it be very un-indie to mention Chet Baker?? J It is always good to get a little jazz-injection every now and again.

What was the most impressive event of recent years for you? 

It was playing at the Roskilde Festival 2011 and 2012. In ’11 we were there for the first time and played a packed tent. We were up against PJ Harvey, Iron Maiden and Oh Land, and still we managed to pack the tent – we were blown away to say the least! In ’12 (two weeks ago) we were there as part of Copenhagen Collaboration – a collective of Copenhagen bands we’re part of
This was a very unique experience to take the stage with very good friends in front of 14.000 people.
We have obviously played many amazing shows, far too many to mention all here, but the two latter ones are definitely tattooed on our brains for life!

Six years've passed since your great debut "Misery Loves Company”. During this period, how could you describe the change in your music? 

We’ve obviously gone from a very lo-fi acoustic sound to a more ambient ethereal sound. It has been a natural process for us; trying different sounds, always evolving as a band but also musically. People have therefore always had difficulties placing our music in a certain genre – we like that though, because this is making sure we won’t be tied down and we can explore. Exploring is half the fun J

Debut album "Misery Love Company" has an interesting record story. Can you tell about that? 

MLC started as two guys fucking around with a laptop, very late at night and very drunk. Waking up in the afternoon listening back to what was recorded it was very clear: we need to do this again. And so we did. We set some ground rules:
1) Never erase what was recorded; everything on there is ’one takes’
2) Always record at night
3) Always be intoxicated
4) Never turn on lights except for that of candles

Is there anything that you are so passionate about, except music?

Food! That goes for all of us – we’re huge ’foodies’. We all love to cook and love to be cooked for J

Who writes the lyrics? 

That would be me J  (Thorben)

Do you know anything about Turkey or Turkish music? Have you ever been here? 

Not a whole lot – as mentioned earlier we never been as a band. A couple of the guys have been there on vacation though. Really hope to be able to play there soon!!

And lastly, is there anything you want to add? Or to tell to your Turkish listeners? 

We could add that we’re always looking to expand our fan base – so if YOU (the good people of Turkey) could make some noise to help get us there we’d be grateful!! We do realize that we have Turkish fans already and to them we really want to say thank you SOOO much for following us and showing us the love! You guys a truly makes being in this business what it’s all about!
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