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"Listen Before You Love" made an interview with the magnificent band "The Rialto Burns" from Liverpool, that we mentioned before on this page . They replied our questions sincerely, and that was an pleasure for us to do that ! (röportajı Türkçe okumak için tıklayın)

By thanking for answering our questions once more, we leave you with the interview: 

1.Can you briefly tell us the story of coming together and setting up a band?

Al and Pottsy were in a band together but basically that fizzled out. They carried on writing together with the view to forming a new Liverpool based band. Coggy was local and met Adam through an advert. For a while we were a 4 piece band using a drum machine but always felt a drummer would take it to the next level. The band recently welcomed new drummer Shaun into the fold.

2. Where does the band's name come from?

The name originates from a news paper headline from 1981 at the time of the infamous Toxteth riots in Liverpool. The Rialto theatre was burnt down in the riots and so the headline read "the Rialto Burns". We felt this was the right name for us as it connects with Liverpool history even though we're not a typical Liverpool band.

3. Debut album "Learning to Fight" is a real masterpiece..Can you tell the lyric writing and recording process?

Lyrically the album is full of situations that we all find ourselves in at some point. Everyone has got a friend they get frustrated with or knows someone that they can't help because that person just won't help themselves. They're all quite simple themes really.
Learning To Fight was primarily recorded on a computer in the bands rehearsal studio over a period of time, with the mixing and mastering done by local engineer Darren Jones. In the early stages, prior to having a drummer, songwriting would happen with us sitting around the computer, recording beats, guitar riffs and keyboards before taking the idea into the rehearsal setting. We have kept that method of writing and recording even for new material we are currently working on. 

4. In which cities did you take stages so far?

The Rialto Burns have enjoyed taking to the stage at venues in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leicester, Coventry aswell as a few festivals here and there.

5. How can you describe your music? Is there any gigs soon?

There are a lot of contrasts in the music and that's probably because there has to be so it doesn't all disappear into the pits of doom. The bright guitars compliment the deep vocal and the rolling bass steadies the snappy drums. The songs may sound dark but there's always an underlying optimism. 
With the recent addition of Shaun to the  band, we have taken a few monts to concentrate on writing and recording a lot of new material with the view to showcase this in autumn of this year. Work is being done to arrange a few dates with a headline set in our home city of Liverpool.

6. What was the most impressive event of recent years for you?

I think being recognised by our record label Gung-Ho!Recordings as a band with material and an image that would be attractive and accessible to listeners in the uk and internationally is a big achievement and something we are proud of.

7. Is there anything that you are so passionate about, except music?

Well, Al and Coggy are extremely passionate about Liverpool FC and football in general. That takes up a lot of their energy outside of the band!! Family and friends and seeing other parts of the world are probably other passions we share collectively.

8. Do you know anything about Turkey or Turkish music? Have you ever been here?

We have to admit that we don't know much about the Turkish music scene however it's Al's absolute favourite holiday destination as he's been to Icmeler 4 times in recent years. Currently Pottsy is in Turkey with his family at the resort of Olu Deniz 
Maybe one day we could perform in Instanbul and see what the real Turkey is all about!

9. And lastly, Is there anything you want to add? or to tell to your Turkish listeners?

We would urge all our listeners to look out for our new material that we will be releasing aswell as checking out our releases from 2011.We want to grow our fan base and have a great appreciation for new and old fans alike! Please check us out and spread the word if you like what you hear. Talk to us on facebook, tweet us on twitter. We will respond to each and everyone of you!