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Anna RF is a duo from Israel, who makes a delicious kind of music..They use ethnic instruments such as Kamancha, Saz and Baglama with their magic melodies...We introduced them to you on this page this week..And we had an interview with the band this weekend..(Röportajın Türkçe metnine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz)

Let me leave you with our chat by saying that i'm really thankful for the sincere answers of the band members.


• Hi Guys..It’s great to make an interview with you…Can you briefly introduce yourself, who are you, how did you meet,  story of your first decision to make music?

The members of ANNA RF is, roy smila and ofir j.rock.
Roy Smila is playing ethnic instruments like kamancha (persian violin),saz also teacher for eastern music and also member of "faran ensemble".
Ofir j.rock is a music producer .the founder of "masala music and spirit".also was playing in "vendetta" (hard rock band).
We met each other in the desert , in a small village called "shaharut", and  after jamming together we discover the musical connection, and the unique style from the combination.
• Can you tell the story of recording your songs? Who writes the lyrics and where do you record them?

Both of us have experience in recordings and producing, we write and compose the songs together, and we record all in our studio in the desert or in our mobile studio around the world.

• The geography that we are in, is not so peaceful nowadays..How does it feel to make music in such atmosphere? What are the pros and cons of making music in Israel?

We are living far in the desert which is remote and isolated place.
Politics is not a part of our life. and we are focusing on creating positive music, and collaborate with other musician and artist around the globe .
In every place and culture you can find endless amount of beauty, if you leave the politics.

Do you make any covers?

Must of our music is original.
We do make covers only for traditional music that we like and we want to conserve.

• We see that you always use some objects on your music videos..Like a hat..And a kind of mascot (a monkey?) What do they represent for?

The monkey is a part of the band.he is going with us everywhere .and he is helping us on difficult times.
We use a lot of objects that became part of the ANNA RF accessories.
Anyone can enterpatet it as he wish.

• You have a different kind of “band name”..What does “Anna RF” mean? How did you chose this name?

The meaning is "i don't know" which is an Arabic expression that is also used in Hebrew.

• You are playing variety instruments such as Kemancha, Baglama and Ud…And these melodies are so familiar to us..And you also have a song called “Bingol”..Can we learn the story of that song?

On our journey in India, we met some very nice musicians, who introduce us to this beautiful song.
This is a love song from Armenia.   

•  Who are you listening to on these days? What was the last album you bought?

We are listening to a lot of different kinds of music.
We like "beats antique","shpongle","Balkan beat box" and also "omar faruk takbilek", "imamyar hasanov", "taksim trio" , "husnu senlendirici","habil aliyev"  and more...

• What are you doing except music? How does your ordinary day pass? Is there anything that you are so passionate about, except music?

We make art - learning and creating.
We make the music and the videos. this is a long process that takes a lot of time.
We used to work, but in the last year we are doing art only.
As a part of our musical journey, we are traveling a lot and enjoying the beauty of nature, meeting new people and making new friends, and getting expose to new cultures and music.    

• What are your plans for near future? Whats on your agenda? Is there any gig or album release soon?

Right now we are working on the first official ANNA RF album.
We have concerts in big festivals in Israel and in December we are planing to go to India.

• What are the first things that come to your mind when you hear these words:

Love: Music

Hate: R U ok ?

Peace: and love

Music: Love

Luck: Karma

Colour: All

Family: Monkey

Marriage: Why ?

Food: Ethnic :)

Sex: Why not ?

Movie: Forest gump

Book: A new earth

Happiness: Desert blues

• Do you know anything about Turkey and Turkish music? Have you ever been here?

We love Turkey.we been many times in Turkey.
We really love the Turkish food, music and culture.

•  And lastly, is there anything you want to add? Or to tell to your Turkish listeners?

We really hope to have concert soon in Turkey - we a great fan of rahat lokum