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Hi Matthias, Germany seems to be like a heaven of electro music industry. What are the pros and cons to be in Germany while making music?

Well, for one Germany is my home. I think it feels very comfortable for me to be in an environment I know and where I don’t have to worry about a thing while producing. Also, My agency is in Germany, so whenever I’m producing I’m in touch with my management going over the ideas and sometimes even pitch stuff very fast. For instance, my next single ‚BOOM!’ cam to life in less than 24 hours, after I produced it. Send it to my management, they send it to Spinnin, they loved it, BOOM! - So, the geographical location is perfect for my line of work.

How did you decide to make music, do you remember the first set you prepared? Where was the first public show you performed?

The first time I prepared a set was obviously very exciting. I think if I remember correctly my first show was in a town near my home called Bielefeld. I was so keen on DJing back then, that all I could think about was the music I would play and the
reactions it might get. One thrill followed the other :-)

How did you decide to use the moniker "Tujamo"?

Well, back then I was creating the project with a friend. ‚Tujamo’ were both our names mixed together, so that it got a nice ring to it. We didn’t continue together but he was cool with me using the name.

Its been 5 years from your first single "Mombasa" released. How do you think your music has changed since that time?

I think a lot in my production has changed, although I still produce on the same setup. There have been major changes in the whole plugin industry, which helps on the engineering side of things. And of course I also improved my sound over the years. Altogether, I think my sound got more ‚in your face‘ and it also moved away a bit from what every one else is doing. I love when things are pumping and thump. I don’t need too much going on as long as a groove is there and the whole thing sort of bounces very well. 

Do you listen any other type of music except electronic? If so, whom do you listen?

Oh, yes, so much. I’m always looking for other music since I love to find new and unknown singers and producers. I have so many great singer, which I’d love to produce with, like Joni Fatora, Kyan, Moko, kp, Jess Nolan, B.Miles and so many more. They all have amazing voices.

You've collaborated with artists such Steve Aoki, Sneakbo and Laid-back Luke. Is there any planned new collaborations?

Yup, working on new stuff with Martin Solveig and another track with Diplo, although that’s still a way out.

What do you think about the digitalising era of music? 

It helped the smaller DJs a lot I think but it also generated an impossible to work through load of music, without any chance to proof quality. I mean, I do support young producers but there should always be something like a quality control. Since that has completely fallen away in the last years, it’s sometimes super hard to find the real gems out there.

You've been in Istanbul before, right? What do you remember about Istanbul and Turkish audiences?

Great audience and such a lovely town. Turkey is beautiful and I’m was struck by how the current situation between Germany and Turkey has kind of hardened the interaction between our societies. I hope this all works out well in the end.

You'll be performing at Lollapalooza on the Perry Stage, September 11th. I think it will be an amazing show. What do you think about the festival and What kind of
experience will it be? What kind of set is awaiting for us?

Lollapalooza is a legendary festival and it’s a huge honor to be able to play there. I’ll definitely have some wicked tracks up my sleeve for the people there. Really, can’t wait!

Thanks for your answers; is there anything you want to add?

Thanks for having me! And for all the readers, as you know the DJ Mag Top100 voting is still going ( - All support is well appreciated!